Dynamic Expresso Web Shell

Dynamic Expresso is an expression interpreter for simple C# statements.
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Dynamic Expresso version:

Dynamic Expresso understands a subset of C# syntax (numeric and string operators, comparison operators, typeof, new, primitive types, Math and Convert classes, ...). It supports single statement expression only. See documentation for more information.
In this example all the results are serialized using json to be more human readable.

Commands examples

Here some expressions that you can try:

  • 5 + 2 * 8 / (80 + 9.9)
  • "Hello" + " " + "world!"
  • DateTime.Now.AddDays(30)
  • new DateTime(2020, 2, 13)
  • string.Format("My name is {0}. Today is {1}", "R2-D2", DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString())
  • Commands.Count
  • Commands.Clear()
  • Commands.GetLastCommands()

The Commands variable is just for demostration purpose.


shell javascript code is based on the mongulator project (https://github.com/banker/mongulator)
Copyright (c) 2009 Kyle Banker